• Can I buy a shirt without a subscription?

    Yes. On our OVERSTOCK HYPE page, you can purchase any design posted until the limited stock is gone. Once that stock is gone, the design is "officially retired."

  • Can I purchase a crew neck or long sleeve shirt without a subscription?

    No. Those are for Premium Subscribers only.

  • How is my subscription billed?

    You will be billed for your first month at the time of purchase. For every month after, you will be billed on the first of every month.

  • When should I expect my monthly subscription?

    Subscriptions are shipped on or before the 10th or every month to the shipping address we have on file.

  • Will my design be the same as another school?

    No! We strive to create unique and custom designs every month for each school.

  • Does the school get anything out of this?

    Yes. Donations are made to participating schools and organizations based on overall subscription count for the school year.

  • Will my design be sports related?

    No. Designs will not be associated with any school sponsored sports, unless specifically noted.